We offer a variety of skill development training courses

Here at Basketball Docs, we provide basketball skills development training to accommodate the needs of any player or team.

We offer elite:

  • Individual skill training
  • Partner skill training
  • Small-group training (3-4 players)
  • Mini practice skill training (5-7 players)
  • Team skill/practice training (10 players)

We'll be glad to discuss your training needs to find the perfect package for yourself or your team. Please note that we also host basketball clinics for youth players throughout the year - a perfect opportunity for your child to make friends and improve their skills.

Contact us today to create a plan to enhance your basketball coaching skills or playing skills in Rock Valley, IA.

What kind of coach needs a consultant?

If you are a coach who is constantly trying to gain an edge and trying to one-up your opponents, a coaching consultant can help! Great coaches consistently find ways to grow professionally and enhance their programs by utilizing all resources available. Total development occurs when coaches embrace the process of personal and professional development as well as actively seek ways to improve their program.

What kind of coach needs a consultant?

All coaches can benefit from an outside perspective. Total development requires an openness to evaluation and feedback, and a willingness to consider outside perspectives to challenge the Coach outside their comfort zones. While this can be uncomfortable, Basketball Doc mentors are professionals you can trust.

Having a vast amount of experience, from a multitude of seasons have allowed us to attain a wealth of knowledge within the sport of basketball, from player to coach to manager. We learn about each team's unique dynamics and we listen with the intent purpose of helping to develop a plan. We talk with you, not at you- we are in this together!

What does Coaching & Mentoring entail?

To learn more about what is included in Basketball Docs Coaching & Mentoring services, check out our different packages by clicking the button below...

Elite Training

Skill development is more than just picking up a basketball and going through the motions of one-size-fits-all drills. Click the button below to learn more about Coach Kruger's philosophy of basketball skill training, and the five things to consider when working with players.

Elite Training